FCS ClassroomLearning at Faithway Christian School / Faith High is active and experiential. Our rigorous curriculum is balanced by an inviting, exciting method of learning.

We cultivate students’ curiosity and gifts through written and artistic works, group collaboration, and connections with the community. We work in partnership with parents to help all children succeed and discover their talents.

Our goal is to individualize our program to fit the learning needs of many students, but we expect all students to work hard and be responsible for their learning.

A carefully constructed series of courses and topics from kindergarten through twelfth grade leads students to greater insights and abilities, and study is enriched by the incorporation of music, art, and physical activity.

Our faculty members continually strive to create the best learning environment by using themes, projects, role-playing, demonstrations, connections between subject areas, and other strategies to make school fun and meaningful. We encourage inquiry, passion, discipline, creativity, and integrity in everyone’s work.

One of our greatest advantages is our size. Our class sizes are small, to create an educational experience that is personal, exciting and challenging. A reverence for God, the basis for all wisdom, is woven throughout our school life.

We value, respect, know and love our students as they grow with us. When students feel love, they flourish.